ksssa art specs

Your artwork on a Kustom t shirtOur website is designed so that you can upload your own print-ready artwork and we’ll print without any further need to send through artwork approvals. Please check carefully through your artwork and ensure correct spelling, layout etc. While all care will be taken with viewing your artwork prior to printing (and any suspected errors we identify we will take the time to contact you) we are ultimately not responsible for costs associated in reproducing your order should an error be identified on your artwork once you have received your items.

At times it may not be possible for you to upload print-ready artwork. In this event, please submit what you can and leave us detailed notes. KSSSA is happy to assist with simple layouts – at no extra cost! Should your work require a logo design, specialised graphics or is a little more complex we will contact you to provide a pricing guide for this additional work.

Artwork that is emailed to you for approval needs to be checked over carefully for any errors or omissions. Acceptance of this artwork indicates that you have checked over all the details. Artwork approval needs to be submitted in writing, so please take the time to email your acceptance so that your work progresses to production stage. Any delays in responding to our emails will delay your work being produced.

Please take care when submitting your artwork – the better the graphics of your design, the better the final result will be. Often images taken from search-engine sites are low resolution and when enlarged to a desired size, lose its affect and clarity. Please note that if your JPG is submitted with a background, this will be printed unless a note is submitted with your job requesting it be removed, though this is not always possible to do so cleanly and may incur a small design fee.

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If you are not sure whether your artwork meets specifications we are more than happy to talk you through the process and give feedback. You can easily get in contact with us via:

  • email: sales@ksssa.com.au
  • use our quote function HERE
  • message us on Facebook HERE
  • visit our STORE in Morayfield
  • or give us a call 07 5499 1510