Get Your Brand In The Stands

By May 31, 2019 Stickerz - our BLOG

Make you, your business, and your team a public phenomenon by getting your brand in the stands! Custom printed support gear like a bold t-shirt, not only shows your fans how much you value their contribution, but also puts your brand on a roaming billboard that is seen all over the event!

Personalised fan shirts from Kustom Stickers Shirts Signs Australia are the perfect way to make your brand get noticed. With a bold, easy-to-read version of your logo across a t-shirt, you’ll start a conversation about you and your team as other spectators start asking about who you are, and who better to spread the good word than your loyal fans?! And when spectators see a cluster of your fans in fan shirts gathered around you and your team, they’ll start to wonder what they are missing out on and that’s how those Facebook, Instagram and Youtube clicks get started.

At KSSSA we can get your brand on a shirt for less than $10 a shirt in a 100 shirt order, and whether you choose to give away shirts to ticket holders, or sell them at cost price from your workshop, you’ll be generating a whole new level of “this is awesome!” from your fans, and developing the next step of publicity for you. Find out more about our shirts HERE or CONTACT US to discuss how we can get you noticed trackside!



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