Corflute Signs Are An Affordable Way to Advertise

By March 2, 2019 Stickerz - our BLOG

KSSSA corflute signsThere is something about selling and a corflute sign. From real estate agent signs out front of the house down the road, to the electoral campaigning signs that appear everywhere every couple of years, a corflute sign is an excellent way to get your sales pitch out in the general public. Corflute is durable for all weather conditions, light in weight so they can be attached to fences, and long-lasting so you can get your logo in front of your customers for a long time with a little spend – all while being an budget priced form of advertising. Whether you are a retail business looking to attract attention with a simple information sign, a real estate agent wanting to direct customers to open houses with an open house sign, or a special event needing to keep your crowds informed with convention signage, Kustom Stickers Shirts Signage Australia can supply you 1, 100 or 100 corflute signs, using your own artwork or ours.

And don’t forget that there is always a custom signage application for personal use of a corflute sign! Embarrass someone with a “Happy Birthday” corflute sign complete with an awkward photo, or maybe let your wedding guests know where to park with a sign to match your wedding theme.

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