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Getting Signs on Your Shop

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Give your shop a new lease on life with colourful, big impact shop signage. You only get one chance to make a good impression, and the best way to impress your customers is to show them that you are a quality business that they can trust to do quality work by presenting a quality shopfront. From a big overhead sign to catch potential customers’ eyes as they drive past, to a well-branded and decorated front door, having your logo, your business message and your important details, displayed in a way that is functional AND decorative will make one of the best first impressions you can get.

At KSSSA, we can custom design and print signs and shop window stickers for your business – big or small. We can create pylon signs, overhead signs, front window stickers and decals, front door stickers or front door decals, trading hours stickers, promotional stickers for special events, corflute signs, custom printed flags for the footpath, or even privacy screening and heat reduction with printed one-way vision on your glass. Or maybe you don’t need new – maybe you need a revamp of your old, tired signage with that old logo or phone number on it? We can do revamps and shop sign maintenance too.

We’ve helped lots of businesses in our community, and pride ourselves in offering obligation free quotes. Even if you are only a small business, we can help create a sign concept to work with your budget – PLUS we offer payment options including Afterpay and Zip Pay. Give us a call: 5499 1510, message us on Facebook HERE, or just pop in to our shop in Morayfield and have a chat!

Big Cars Are Our Thing

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KSSSA Prints on CarsWe know you love your car, and because we love a weekend at the track as much as you, we also know that you love to personalise your car. Odds are that at most track meets you’ll spot a car or two with our KSSSA logo on it, and on a lot of weekends, we’ll have our own car at one of these too.

Kustom Stickers Shirts Signs Australia can take your car and team logo and put it up right across your bonnet, doors or boot, of your track car, racing car, sprint car, drag car, or even your every-day car, or if you don’t have a logo but would just like some impressive art, we can help you with that too. We can also create custom number plates especially for the weekend, and custom printed team t-shirts to really make you stand out on the bitumen. And if you’re a photographer like our friend Hampton Graphix who took this photo of us, we can also print you some custom printed hi-vis shirts so that you stand out in the smoke!

Being part of the community that we print for is important to us at KSSSA, and because we know this sport that we all love, we can create the right result for you, your car, your team, and even your fans. Best of all, we always make sure that our customers feel that we are easy to approach, enthusiastic to talk to about ideas, and up-front with our pricing and quotes. If you have a blank bonnet or door that is just begging for some bragging, CONTACT US to see how we can help you.

We’re Local Like You

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KSSSA Local Sign SupplierAt KSSSA we pride ourselves on being locals and printing lots of local signs, and because we’re locals and know a lot of local businesses. We’ve also grown up with a lot of local business – starting out by printing their business cards, then as things got busier, custom designing their uniform shirts, their car signage, their promotional items, and their shop signage. And at KSSSA, we love being part of the area, and helping locals grow! Being local doesn’t just mean that we know you and your customers, it also means that we know your location, your street appeal and your busy periods, so we can create custom printed signage that works for you. It also means that installation is more convenient – we can work with you to find a time that is going to fit your plans, and that you can pop in and have a chat to us about how we can help you as you need it.

Whether you are a sole-trader with a ute that needs some branding, or a big shop-front that you want to stand out from the crowd, Kustom Stickers Shirts Signs will give you the type of customer service that you expect from a fellow local, and you can be confident that we are always just a quick phone call away.

If you need you business name, logo, team names or slogan printed on anything, big or small, KSSSA can help you out – CONTACT US and let us know what you need – or pop in to our store in Morayfield to see what we can do for you.

Get Your Brand In The Stands

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Make you, your business, and your team a public phenomenon by getting your brand in the stands! Custom printed support gear like a bold t-shirt, not only shows your fans how much you value their contribution, but also puts your brand on a roaming billboard that is seen all over the event!

Personalised fan shirts from Kustom Stickers Shirts Signs Australia are the perfect way to make your brand get noticed. With a bold, easy-to-read version of your logo across a t-shirt, you’ll start a conversation about you and your team as other spectators start asking about who you are, and who better to spread the good word than your loyal fans?! And when spectators see a cluster of your fans in fan shirts gathered around you and your team, they’ll start to wonder what they are missing out on and that’s how those Facebook, Instagram and Youtube clicks get started.

At KSSSA we can get your brand on a shirt for less than $10 a shirt in a 100 shirt order, and whether you choose to give away shirts to ticket holders, or sell them at cost price from your workshop, you’ll be generating a whole new level of “this is awesome!” from your fans, and developing the next step of publicity for you. Find out more about our shirts HERE or CONTACT US to discuss how we can get you noticed trackside!

Make Your Event Officials Really Official

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If you have officials for your event, wearing a custom printed shirt makes them stand out and your day more manageable. If you are controlling a crowd of people, a uniform makes a world of difference. Not only does it make your directions more official, it also develops trust. A uniform doesn’t have to be a complete outfit – an identical shirt in your event colour and with your logo on all of your officials, volunteers and administration team is enough to make them recognizable and trustworthy – plus it’s a great keepsake to thanks the hardworking contributors to your day.

Kustom Stickers Shirts Signs Australia can custom print your logo on a wide variety of shirts from a durable uniform to a one-time-event t-shirt, and you can order 1 or 1000 to suit the size of your event or show. And if you want to add even more emphasis to your event officials, you can team up your shirts with other custom printed accessories like a custom printed lanyard, a custom printed hi-vis vest, or a custom printed hat.

KSSSA has some event bundles HERE for discounted bulk-buy pricing, and we pride ourselves on specialising in small orders too. CONTACT US find out how we can help make your event uniform happen.

Advertise You on Your Custom Workwear

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custom printed hi-vis workwearLet your workwear work extra hard for you with a logo on your hi-vis gear. Whether you are a sole-trader tradie, or have a team working for you, updating your hi-vis gear with your business name or logo is a great way to keep your name out and about on the worksite or to remind your customers that your workshop is a professional place.

Kustom Stickers Shirts Signs Australia has just introduced a range of men’s and women’s workwear including hi-vis polos, hi-vis t-shirts, hi-vis long sleeves, and hi-vis pants, and all of our range can be custom printed with your business name, logo, and team member names.

KSSSA’s Kustom Workwear is excellent quality from industry brands, and because we offer an enormous range of custom printed products, you can team-up your workwear with printed hats, caps or even stubby coolers! You can see our range HERE and stay tuned as we grow it.

Do Some Bumper Advertising

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ksssa bumper stickersA bumper sticker is an oldie-but-a-goodie when it comes to getting your name out there and with 50 bumper stickers you can get your logo, your business name or your idea out in the world and in front of a new person every time you change lanes.

You can take advantage of our design service to create you the perfect sticker, or bring us your own creation and we’ll sticker it for you. Bumper stickers can be just about any size AND shape that you like, and we’ll keep your artwork on file so that you can increase your idea into hats, shirts, keyrings, stubby coolers – just about anything.

KSSSA has bumper sticker packs starting with a minimum order of 50 to get your message up and running, and the more you print – the more you save.

See a great sample of our available sticker HERE but remember KSSSA is all about custom work, so if you are looking for something unique, CONTACT US.

Parsonalise Your Gym Gear

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Gpersonalised gym gearym teacher, personal trainer or 12-week challenge coach? Give your gym gear that extra oomph by adding your logo, motto, or name! Kustom Sitckers Shirts Signs Australia can put your motivational message or kick-butt logo onto all of your gym gear giving you personalised shirts, personalised leggings, personalised tack-pants, personalised hoodies, and personalised hats. We can also do custom print towels, custom print drink bottles – even custom print socks.

Not just printing for fitness professionals, KSSSA can do single print runs for just about our entire range, or we can custom print your own preferred gym gear, so even if you’d just like to add your own style to your hard-working workout outfits, we can do that to!

Take a look at some of our cool products on our WEBSITE, or find out our entire range by popping into our Morayfield STORE, or by giving us a CALL. And remember, we are happy to help you with your design using our design service, and interstate customers are very welcome!

Corflute Signs Are An Affordable Way to Advertise

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KSSSA corflute signsThere is something about selling and a corflute sign. From real estate agent signs out front of the house down the road, to the electoral campaigning signs that appear everywhere every couple of years, a corflute sign is an excellent way to get your sales pitch out in the general public. Corflute is durable for all weather conditions, light in weight so they can be attached to fences, and long-lasting so you can get your logo in front of your customers for a long time with a little spend – all while being an budget priced form of advertising. Whether you are a retail business looking to attract attention with a simple information sign, a real estate agent wanting to direct customers to open houses with an open house sign, or a special event needing to keep your crowds informed with convention signage, Kustom Stickers Shirts Signage Australia can supply you 1, 100 or 100 corflute signs, using your own artwork or ours.

And don’t forget that there is always a custom signage application for personal use of a corflute sign! Embarrass someone with a “Happy Birthday” corflute sign complete with an awkward photo, or maybe let your wedding guests know where to park with a sign to match your wedding theme.

CONTACT US  to find out more about how you can use a corflute sign at much less than you think.

Personalised Products Help Engage Your Customers

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If you are a business that depends on a group of loyal, regular customers, then it’s important that your customers feel like they are part of your business. Start handing out products to your customers with your logo on it and you’ll start building an enormous sense of community. Kustom Stickers Shirts Signs Australia has an enormous range of personalised items that you can customise with your logo varying from keyrings, drink bottles, ties, hats, or even thongs, right through to big gear bags, and soft warm hoodies! Whether you want to grab just a few things to use them as free gifts or thank-yous, or maybe make an entire range available for your customers to purchase to show their support, KSSSA’s personalised promotion products range has something for you and your budget. And don’t forget that lots and lots of our promotional products have no minimum order quantity so you can order one, one dozen or one thousand. You can view our growing online range HERE or CONTACT US to find out what we have to help your business!

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